Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lucky Cookie v1.0

Sometimes when i have free time and i dont have anything interesting to do i play some easy games on the internet and sometimes i read some psychology literature. Two days ago i decide to make some easy application for Android which will display different message every time when i click on some cookie. When i implemented that i decide to hide the message and to randomize the cookies every time when i start the application. Every time when message is found the message have different meaning. I implemented that, and in one moment i decide to change the idea behind that simple application and to implement some randomization functionalities and also to test my Android CRUD Code Generator for generating simple SQLite database that will keep scores. After that, that simple application become simple game for relaxation.
You can download from the market for free.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Calories Tracker Lite v1.0

First version from application Calories Tracker is finally released on the Android Market.
This version contains four functionalities that can help you to keep your ideal body weight.
First functionality is to keep profile with detail informations about current body weight characteristics, second functionality is calories calculator, for easy calculation on burned calories and time spend to burn that calories depending on chosen activity, third functionality is activities comparator that will help you to decide which activity is suitable for you based on burned calories and time spend for burning that calories, and forth functionality is simple workout manager where you can track in realtime how many calories you have burned in practicing the chosen activity.
Download and use this application for free.

Below are shown some screenshots from Calories Tracker.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Generate Android Application From XML Definition

Two weeks ago i was searching for some tool which will boost my development on great Android platform. Because in every application there are some methods, classes, that are repeatable i thought that maybe there are some utilities that will generate that classes for me on which every developer spend some time to write them from scratch. After long time for searching i found only SQLiteGen tool which generate data access class for written simple interface and nothing more which is only one part from developed application. SQLiteGen is great tool but there are things that are still missing and should be programmed again and again for every application.
For completely crud application we need entity classes, db helper class or content provider, dao classes and basic generated activities for manipulating the data. For that reason i came with idea to implement simple crud code generator which will generate crud application based on simple xml definition on entity classes, and then Android CRUD Code Generator is born.

Android CRUD Code Generator contains 5 different generators, Activity Generator, Dao Generator, DBHelper Generator, Entity Generator and Service Generator.

DBHelper Generator generate dbhelper class that is used for creating application database. Generated DBHelper class is singleton class for better reusing on database connection.
Entity Generator generate entity classes with getters and setters for every database table defined in xml definition file.
Dao Generator generate basic crud operations for every entity class in classical DAO way, separated implementations from interfaces. Every DAO implementation is also singleton class.
For now those 3 generators are implemented and implementation on Activity Generator is in process.
In second phase there are plans for implementing simple DSL that will be written in XML definition file and from which specific code will be generated by Service Generator.

In the next post i'll show how to develop simple crud application from xml entity description, i hope by then i'll finish Activity Generator :)